Movieland: Book 1

Disappearance in a Darkened Theater is Book 1

The Palatine Theater

  • 1 Six Forty-Three AM
    The Palatine Theater sits atop a hill brooding over Venice Beach. Built by an occultist, the theater is no stranger to the strange.

  • 2 The Strange Disappearance of Annie Hammerstein
    On a December night in 1964, a young woman gets lost in the dark of the Palatine Theater. In this chapter, we meet the great director Edward Thorncraft, whom many readers will recognize by a different name.


  • 3 Poof
    Don’t go up to the balcony, the sign warns. But a cocky student thinks rules are made for other people.

  • 4 Up Among the Stars
     A corner where there should be no corner… a room where there should be no room.

  • 5 Unlucky Charms
    Right about this time the film breaks… or seems to.

  • 6 The Strangers
    A moan in the dark…a moan from behind the screen. Then… There… in her own supernatural spotlight, the beautiful, haunted blonde. An echo many readers will recognize by a different name.

  • 7 The Bright, Cruel Sand
    A quiet boy. Isn’t that what they always say when they find the bodies?

  • 8 Pajamas from Paris
    Falling in love with love is falling for make-believe.

  • 9 The Wheel of Fortune
    The Great Wheel spins. What was up is down, what was down is up.

  • 10 The Nowhere Place
    The ancients called it the Underworld.

  • 11 Showbiz
    You oughta be in pictures.

  • 12 A Hooded Figure
    Is that you, Dante?

The Second Class

Hocus Pocus