Movieland: The Novels

The MOVIELAND QUARTET consists of four novels:

Book 1: Disappearance in a Darkened Theater
Book 2: Occult Hollywood
Book 3: Into the Fog
Book 4: Mercury Retrograde

Book 3: Movieland — Into the Fog
is currently being serialized to paying subscribers.
Every Wednesday, a new chapter.

Book 1: MovielandDisappearance in a Darkened Theater
remains free to all subscribers.

Book design: Frederick Woodruff/John Calendo
Photo credits:
Book 1: Manfried Heyde/ “Opera Garnier Stairway 2008”/ Wickimeida Commons
Book 2: Ekatrina Astakhova/ “Palace stairs”/pexels
Book 3: John Calendo collage based on Keneori/  “Lighthouse in the Starry Sky”/ Pixabay
Book 4: Yvan Lemeur/ “Telemachus Arming”/ by permission of the photographer.